VR Headset Control Camera

I decided I wanted a “remote vision” kind of project after seeing the new VR goggle products hitting the market.

Basically, it’d be fun to look through the goggles and see a live video stream and keep seeing live video wherever I turned my head.


This could be done using a stationary camera which can tilt/pan, and a system to receive the video and control direction.  And I wanted it to work over the internet.


To do this would require a number of technical elements:

  • Real-time video streaming, point-to-point (using WebRTC)
    • Raspberry Pi operating webcam and software to publish via WebRTC
  • Remote-control via the internet for the device
    • Custom software running on Raspberry Pi controlled via the internet and driving servos
  • Javascript phone orientation sensors
    • Webpage and javascript client on phone, runs inside the goggles, communicates to Pi over the internet via websockets
  • Some electronics basics (servo motor control)


It took quite a lot of research and testing but I was able to pull it together in the end.

I have a separate (and not maintained) series of blog posts about the work that went into it here (link).


For the highlights, see below:


The camera tilt/pan rig:  Raspberry pi controlled servos for tilt and pan:


Video of the camera system responding to changes in orientation:


Video of what the user sees: