Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

I had bought some temperature sensors and thought it would be fun to make my own Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer.




Temperature sensor DS18B20 (first time)

Servo motors

Chopsticks, paper plates



Research and Build

The primary difficulty was learning how to operate the thermometers.  They operate on the 1-Wire protocol, which requires very precise timing and some annoying decoding.  Made a library, all good.

After that, it was a matter of indicating the temperature somehow.

I chose a range of temperatures that will actually occur, indicated them on some paper plates, and used servos to move some chopsticks to the right temperature.

All the bits were attached to a plank of wood, and the electronics hidden behind the paper plate faces.

The outdoor thermometer is placed in the window and the inside thermometer rests away from the window.

Works great!




Main file here (link)

Supporting libraries under here (link)



Build Photos and Demo Video



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