Ho Ho Horrifying

This project is just for laughs, but still got to practice a few technologies.

It’s Christmas time, and I wanted something Santa-related.  I also wanted to try out some ultrasonic measuring modules I picked up.

The result is a Santa doll that notices your presence and has a meltdown about it.

Not exactly a Boston Dynamics-level project but I was satisfied.





Ultrasonic distance measurement modules (first time)

Servo motors



Research and Build

Getting a candidate Santa doll was kind of tricky.  I didn’t aim for a shirtless Santa, it just worked out that way, but maybe for the best.

The most problematic part of the build was fitting all the servos inside Santa and re-attaching his limbs.  I wound up doing a fair amount of plastic “welding” (aka melting) to make the whole thing come together.

After that, it was some mounting on some wood plank, etc etc.




Main file here (link)

Supporting libraries under here (link)



Build Photos and Demo Video



Full Gallery